Male stripper cums in a glass and drunk party girl drinks it down



Biggest dancing bear sex party ever?

I wasn’t quite expecting this tonight, I mean I know how wild and crazy these dancing bear parties can get but I just never imagined there would be so many women all crowded into the one place.  Seriously this drunken party has to be perhaps one of the biggest ive ever seen the dancing bear attend.  In fact when one of our male strippers took a look out from behind the curtain and saw a sea of ravenous ladies all revved up in anticipation of the show to come he even get a little bit nervous, “wow there is just so many of them he exclaimed”

Of course the nerves soon wore off as soon as we hit the floor and the ladies began to show their appreciation for the penis show unfolding in front of them.  This drunk sex party was simply awesome and it didn’t take long at all before the first of the girls started to suck some cock.


Swallowing male strippers cum at party

This event will surely be remembered for quite some time not only by the ladies who attended and appeared to have the time of their lives but by the dancing bear and the gang of male strippers too.  We titled the video update “lick it off the glass” in honour of the girl in the picture above who unexpectedly put on a little show of her own and held up a glass for one of the strippers to cum into and to many of the other ladies in the room complete shock and awe tipped it upside down and let the cum fill contents drip into her mouth, swallowing all the cum and then using her fingers to wipe up any remaining sperm and lick her fingers clean.

An absolute must see drunk sex party update and I’ve provided a link to some of the highlights here which will open a streaming video of the debauched festivities.  Enjoy!


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Drunk party girls at ladies night groping male strippers and encouraging each other to perform sex acts

wild drunk party girls giving handjob to male stripper


Ive been a bartender at some of the biggest clubs around but ive got to admit ive never seen anything like this sort of action till I got the job with Party Hardcore.  These guys put on male strip shows for ladies only nights and the sort of wild cfnm party action you see behind closed doors at these events will blow your mind.

These are real drunk party girls and amateur exhibitionists and just your regular drunk sluts giving in to their desire for penis.  Occasionally there will be a plant in the crowd or a girl who will get the party started but often its not even needed as the drinks are free and the girls are already hot and ready to go.  They literally encourage each other on to suck dick and have sex in front of the whole room. Totally Amazing!


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Drunk party girls having sex with male strippers and getting cum facials

amateur milf gets a facial from male stripper at party


Now this is one group of horny birds who really love dick and are not ashamed to show it.  The winner of $20000 cash for their video of an insane going away party filled with sexy drunk party girls who take on some male cfnm strippers.  This party video has it all including public sex and a male stripper who shoots his load of cum in the faces of 3 hot amateur milfs.

The party girl in this pic gets the best deal however and gets so turned on by all the cock on display that she ends up having sex with one of the strippers in front of all her friends.  They are shocked but just can’t contain their excitement.  Man these cfnm strippers have all the fun its it’s just unbelievable how wild these horny drunk sluts go.

Watch the sample Party Hardcore video above.


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Drunk party girls at a formal dinner have sex with the waiter during wild girls night out

drunk amateur women flashing on a dirty girls night out


The horny birds are out tonight for a formal dinner and these tarts are revved up and ready to party.  Before the night even started a few of the girls rolled up a little tipsy after drinking a few glasses of wine and we got this happy snap with the girl in front lifting up her dress and flashing her pussy for the camera.

Real amateur drunk party girls caught on camera and submitted on the horny birds site internet for cash.  Cfnm parties and blowjob parties with some of the wildest user submitted and dirty girls night out action ever.


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Drunk party girls at friends bachelorette party give blowjobs to male strippers

woman sucking strippers cock at her friends bachelorette party

*Video:bachelorette party blowjobs and fucking male strippers



If you really want to see some good drunk party girls in action doing all sorts of lewd and rude sex acts you can’t go past the good old ladies only bachelorette party.  The bachelorette party has really taken of in the last few years and women seriously don’t hold back at these events and its amazing how most girls are quite happy to suck dick in front of all their friends with no shame at all.

The drunk party girls are often the first to act out and start giving blowjobs to the cfnm strippers and they encourage all the other more shy ladies to join in and soon enough there is a wild oral sex party going on with many of the girls so turned on that they are literally fighting with each other for their chance to suck on the male stripper dick!


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Drunk married ladies sucking black males strippers cock and milking his cum on her face



Wow this is a married woman in this dancing bear video but it seems at the moment her husband is the last thing on her mind and she is totally focused on the big black strippers cock dangling in front of her face!  All thoughts of restraint go out the window as she is egged on her her girlfriends clapping their hands and watching on intently as she shows off her blowjob skills for all to see.

Its the sort of thing we see all the time at the dancing bear and at some of these parties gone wild we are booked for, normally reserved women behaving like total penis obsessed sluts once they get a room full of big stripper dicks on show.  Not only does this married lady suck off our stripper but even lets him cum on her face without a care who is watching.  Oh dear you almost have to feel sorry for that husband of hers.


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Slutty brunette party girl gives blowjob to naked male stripper and swallows his cum



You know it’s funny how every girl tries to pretend she’s not a slut but one you get a few drinks into her and get them in a setting like this surrounded by other equally horny chicks and some male strippers with their big cocks on display where its socially accepted to give into their craving for dick, so many of then end up behaving like this horny drunk slut and the real cock crazy girl inside comes out.

This cute little brunette gets so excited at all the cocks on show during this male stripper review that she ends up giving a blowjob to one of the guys and even lets him cum in her mouth!  The real surprise came when she swallowed the cum and an excited and embarrassed look on her face as she realised all her friends were watching on.  The dancing bear and his group of cfnm strippers seem to have that effect on some ladies and they just can’t help themselves :)


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wild college party with sorority pledges going through a nude hazing


Ok now here is an interesting party video for you guys that was taken from haze her site which features real videos taken from across the country of college girls being hazed and in this clip there is a bunch of frat boys having a dinner party while a best in show dog parade happens on front of them.  The strange thing here however is that instead of dogs a bunch on nude sorority girls are lead in by a leash with a dog collar around their necks!

The freshmen pledges perform various tricks for the boys who really seem to appreciate the show especially when the embarrassed nude ladies are forced to put on a lesbian threesome in the middle of the room for their enjoyment.  Now this is one wild party and the funny thing is the girls are not even drunk but they go through with it in their desperate desire to join the coolest sorority on campus and this is all just part of their ritual hazing and nude initiation.


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University party girls have a game of nude twister before getting into a drunk sex orgy



This group of coeds was great, they were all so much fun and ready to fuck.  They all gathered in the dorm room while one of the guys grabbed his camera and some drinks to help get the party kick started when one of the ladies brought out the good old game of twister.  Of course they decided to spice up the game where everyone had to strip down and the college girls bent over wearing only their panties.

The losers had to get nude and soon the whole group was standing around in their birthday suits.  Fuck it college is a time to have fun and im sure this was one hell of a memorable experience for them.  Looks like they had this all planned to send into the college rules site and with the girls getting a little bit drunk the event soon turned into a full blown orgy with one fo the guys getting his cock sucked while another sorority nympho sat on his face and over the other side of the couch there was a threeway lesbian sex fest going down.

It looked like these girls and guys had a lot of fun and when one of thee sexy sluts with what can only be described as perfect massive tits was getting rammed on she looked like she was in heaven smiling to her sorority sister who was sitting beside her watching the whole show.

4 college girls posing topless in front of the mirror

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Asian drunk party girls turn fun party into a wild swingers gangbang orgy

sexy asian girls fucking at wild vip sex party


It was one wild night at this no limits drunk sex party with some of the finest asian beauties you can find all packed into one club and desperate for a swinging good time.  After a few drinks these naughty little tarts were all over the guys in the room and things really started to heat up as the girls went from flashing their boobs and panties before a few of the more adventurous females in the room started fucking one of the guys in the middle of the floor in front of everyone.

After that things got really crazy as tits and ass were exposed everywhere and the ravenous Asian ladies went to work the the cocks in the room.  These drunk party sluts really know how to have a good time and make the most of these wild VIP sex and blowjob parties.  Some of the hottest action ever and we get it all on film!

drunk asian girls flash their boobs and panties at sex party

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